JuLI Stage 

NanoEntek JuLI™ Stage Real-Time Cell History Recorder is a Real-Time CHR (Cell History Recorder) designed for live cell imaging and analysis. This live imaging device allows high-quality imaging with different focuses on z planes, for a total of 3 different colours and on selected areas of each well in different vessels. It is designed to support cell biology researchers to approach kinetic images and data from the start to the end so that they can save their time and can focus on more advanced and valuable work for their research.


  • A fully automated x-y-z stage and multi-channel fluorescent colours to acquire cell images and videos from various cell culture plates (up to 384wells) and dishes in an incubator.
  • Image-based analysis for a bright field, which enables users to obtain quantified cell confluence results with low variations as well as the growth curve.
  • Incubator-compatible.
  • Interchangeable objective lens (4x, 10x, 20x).
  • Manual and auto-focusing.
  • Compatibility with various planes and vessels.
  • Data management with all-in-one PC.


  • Image capturing.
  • Time-lapse recording.
  • Automated video making.
  • Image stitching.
  • Image and video editing.
  • Multi-channel fluorescent colors (GFP, RFP, DAPI).
  • Multi-well monitoring (up to 384 wells).
  • Multi-position monitoring.


JuLI™ Stage is applied to many different applications of cell works. Real-time, good images and time-lapse videos are getting more required. Examples are:

  • Wound healing.
  • Fluorescence expression.
  • Apoptosis and cytotoxicity.
  • Cell proliferation.
  • 3D-spheroid culture.
  • Stem cell monitoring.
  • Cell growth monitoring.
  • Differentiation of neurons.
  • Angiogenesis.

Image courtesy of Haneen Alsehi, PhD Student