Operetta CLS

PerkinElmer Operetta CLS™ High-Content Analysis System allows users to reveal fine sub-cellular details at high speed, sensitivity, resolution, and flexibility.

Transmitted light capabilities (brightfield, digital, phase contrast).
Widefield and confocal fluorescence.
    Powerful, stable 8x LED light source for optimal excitation of fluorophores and confidence in results.
      Automated water-immersion objectives with a very high numerical aperture for high resolution and fast read times with minimal photodamage.
        Confocal spinning disk technology which allows a fast imaging process, efficient background rejection, live cell experiments and 3D imaging.
          Large format 16-bit sCMOS camera (4.7 Megapixel, 2160x2160, 6.5 microns pixel size) which ensures low noise, wide dynamic range and high resolution (50nm) for sensitive and quantitative measurements at short exposure times.
            User accessible bar-coded emission filters which provide flexibility, sensitive imaging, and error-free operation.


            The instrument comes with the Harmony® 4.8 High-Content Imaging and Analysis Software for the set-up of assays, automation of experiments. image acquisition, data analysis, and storage and retrieval of results (all in a simple, powerful and easy way). The software allows:

            Image acquisition

            • Computer controlled excitation power
            • High-speed autofocus in every field.
            • Full exposure control and channel editor.
            • Simultaneous acquisition and analysis, and visualization of data during acquisition.
            • Variable plate formats: 6, 24, 48, 96, 384, 1536-well.
            • Multi-field imaging acquisition.
            • Z-sectioning for identification of the z-plane of interest.
            • Automated flat field correction.
            • Time kinetics capabilities.

            Image analysis

            • Fully automated cell segmentation with automatic or manual parameter tuning.
            • Ready-made turnkey applications.
            • Easy and intuitive creation and modification of analysis sequences.
            • PhenoLOGICTM machine learning plug-in to teach the software to create tailored algorithms.
            • Texture analysis capabilities.

            Data management

            • Scalable database and search via sortable tree.
            • Automatic storage of metadata and additional experiment information.
            • Allows for image storage on a remote server.
            • Export results automatically or in batches into ColumbusTM image data storage and analysis system. (allows access, re-analysis, storage, and share of data).
            • Export results for further analysis (i.e.: High Content ProfilerTM platform by TIBCO Spotfire).
            • Accessible from office installations of the Harmony software for data inspection, analysis, and result export.


            Regarding the applications of the instrument, examples are:

            • Fixed-cell assays.
            • Live-cell assays.
            • Imaging of complex cellular models.
            • Advanced assays such as FRET.
            • Phenotypic fingerprinting.

            Image courtesy of Marian Seda, Ph.D