Featured Projects


iPSC-derived endothelial cells

iPSC-ECFC (Endothelial cell-forming colonies derived from induced pluripotent stem cells) treated with VEGF. 

Imaged with Operetta CLS 40x Water Immersion Objective.  Nuclei (Hoechst), cell junctions (594) and spots (488).

Image courtesy Lorenzo Veschini


iPSC cultured on micro patterns

Recapitulating embryonic development in vitro using human-induced pluripotent stem cells. Cells confined in space are exposed to morphogens mirroring early development.

Imaged with Operetta CLS 40x Water Immersion Objective. Differentiation markers stained in different colours.

Image courtesy Alice Vickers, PhD


Human cancer tumoroids 

Use of human iPSC-derived macrophages that reflect tissue-resident macrophages to assess their impact on the cancer stem cell phenotype of breast cancer cells in organoid cultures. 

Imaged with Operetta CLS 40x Water Immersion Objective.  Nuclei (DAPI), basal cancer marker (555), luminal cancer marker (647), E-cadherin (488).

Image courtesy Aitor Arteagabeitia, PhD student

Image courtesy of Inês Martins Tomás, PhD Student